Can coffee help you live longer?

22 Jul

Drinking-Coffee-Can-Help-You-Live-Longer-According-To-A-Recent-StudyCan coffee help you live longer?

It is surprising when something that was once considered questionable for our health turns out to have health benefits. The only word of advice put to it been ‘take it in moderation’.

According to Harvard Medical School, drinking a cup of coffee can do more than perk you in the morning. It might help you add a day to your life! Researchers have found a strong association between coffee consumption and a lower risk of dying from heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory disease, and other related conditions (Harvard Health Letter September 2012).

The study conducted among more than 400,000 older women and men found that drinking two or more cups of coffee daily could be equated to a 15% reduction in deaths from all causes for women and a 10% reduction for women, in comparison to people who didn’t drink coffee.

When asked to comment on drinking coffee, Dr. Eric Rimm, associate professor of Epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, He said ‘I think the evidence that coffee is a healthy beverage is pretty substantial now; it seems to be beneficial across the board’

ff4b2333d1a237715c4916efb9a06419There you have it from the professionals.

Feel Free. Feel Safe. Feel healthy. Enjoy your cup of coffee at Jumuia coffee house.

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    Good to know.


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