A cut above the rest

01 Jul


Everyone who loves Coffee knows what good coffee is made of; its taste, its smell, and of course where it is readily available – coffee house.

Every coffee enthusiast looks for something a little bit more in a coffee house. Indeed, a great coffee house is defined not just by the drinks it serves but by it’s cut above the rest!

A random ‘taste-to-sample’ round town will lead you to truly wonderful drinks but the same trip won’t leave you without a woeful experience. Your choice is key. Choices have consequences!

Right from on set, it is vital to say it is hard to pinpoint one thing that will make you walk to a coffee house then go back again and again. Rather, various factors play different roles to achieve that ‘all-round’ satisfied customer experience.
Looking for an ultimate coffee house experience. Here are tried-tested-true pointers:-

A great Selection of Coffee
I know, I have already said that it isn’t all about coffee, but truth be told, coffee is the reason why we are here. A great selection of coffee will make a coffee house stand out. No experience can match walking into a coffee house,  and be welcomed by a veritable cornucopia of coffee smells – from across the globe!

Jumuia Coffee is the home of café mocha, cappuccino, late, espresso, name it….

Friendly Staff
Key to any service sector business entity; friendly staff, is a make it or break it factor. However, when it comes to coffee house, expectations go a notch higher. You want to go in there and stay warm and comfortable, not just from drinks served but also service offered.

Jumuia Coffee assures you of excellent service delivered with passion.

Comfortable Seating
Home comfort is determined by the comfort of  seats.Ideally, coffee house ought be home away from home.

Jumuia coffee gives you a variety of spacious seating furniture and arrangement. Inside the restaurant you will get warm cosy leather sofas comfortable for relaxing moments. Near the counters, there are comfortable sturdy and upright seat, ideal for close range discussions. At the balcony, we have ‘lay back’ round table seats under shades.

All seats are ergonomically sensitive and hence good for your health.

The Best Coffee Makers
The saying goes ‘bad workman blames his tools’. You want great coffee, look for high quality coffee equipment.

Jumuai Coffee has confidently invested in Coffee solutions machines, known for their slogan ‘simply, great coffee’ and one trusted manufacturer of first class equipment, over years.

Great Décor
To say superb, is understatement, in describing Jumuia Coffee House Décor. The Décor is carefully weaved bring out the theme of post modern coffee house look and feel. The wall texture inside run an effect of a trafo tina decoration. The windows are colorfully done while the ceilings look great with broad large holdings and amazing light effects.

So, are you searching for exceptional coffee house experience?

Jumuia Coffee is the place of your choice.

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