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About Coffee; Making of Coffee you sit to sip a cup of coffee, what comes to your mind?

Most of us, we have no iota of an idea of how much goes to the process of harvesting and brewing coffee.

The truth is that behind that hot steaming cup of coffee, the coffee powder has gone thousands of hands, thousands of processes.

So why do I need to know all these?

Reading through this writing, I hope you will come to a better understanding and appreciation of what it takes to produce good coffee.



It all begins here. The way you harvest coffee, determines its quality.

Coffee fruits takes roughly 9 (nine) months to ripen. Dark cherry, is the color that shows that coffee fruit is ready for harvesting.

Half a Rose 042For regions north of the equator, this occurs between September and March, while in territories south of the equator, it happens in April and May. But, for countries around the Equator harvesting coffee fruit is all year round.

When the coffee ripens, it is picked with a small rake or hurled down with poles and in some areas is collected by hand. Although technology is proving to be more effective and efficient, the manual way is still preferred as it produces better product. A human hand does a better job; rightfully picking the most ripe fruit.

More than bringing hands together. Coffee harvesting brings family together. In most coffee growing populations, coffee harvesting is perceived as ‘family-get-together’ time. Every member of the family, from parents to the children is expected to participate. As a result, a lot of stories shaping their cultures have been told around coffee harvesting dates and events.

On average, families can collect between 100 and 200 pounds of coffee cherries daily.


Roasted coffee has relatively short shelf life. When properly stored, it can stay for two weeks.

Vital to note; it faces two great enemies namely, moisture and oxygen!

coffee-1To ensure you have the freshest coffee to brew, always buy as much coffee as you can finish when needed.

If you can’t consume all your coffee in 2 weeks, then you should keep it in a freezer. Coffee stored through freezing can last up to a month, or may be two. Preferably, store the coffee in a zip lock freezer bag to avoid any freezer odors.

Kindly note; Refrigeration is the worst form of coffee preservation. Don’t try to compromise its quality by storing in the fridge. The temperature is not cold enough to protect your coffee from going stale, and hence condensation will form – destroying the freshness of your coffee. Additionally, roasted coffee is an odor magnet; therefore your coffee is likely to pick up flavors and odors in the refrigerator.

On the next post, we check what really matters to most of us; roasting, blending and Brewing.

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Can coffee help you live longer?

Drinking-Coffee-Can-Help-You-Live-Longer-According-To-A-Recent-StudyCan coffee help you live longer?

It is surprising when something that was once considered questionable for our health turns out to have health benefits. The only word of advice put to it been ‘take it in moderation’.

According to Harvard Medical School, drinking a cup of coffee can do more than perk you in the morning. It might help you add a day to your life! Researchers have found a strong association between coffee consumption and a lower risk of dying from heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory disease, and other related conditions (Harvard Health Letter September 2012).

The study conducted among more than 400,000 older women and men found that drinking two or more cups of coffee daily could be equated to a 15% reduction in deaths from all causes for women and a 10% reduction for women, in comparison to people who didn’t drink coffee.

When asked to comment on drinking coffee, Dr. Eric Rimm, associate professor of Epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, He said ‘I think the evidence that coffee is a healthy beverage is pretty substantial now; it seems to be beneficial across the board’

ff4b2333d1a237715c4916efb9a06419There you have it from the professionals.

Feel Free. Feel Safe. Feel healthy. Enjoy your cup of coffee at Jumuia coffee house.

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Perfect Joint Hang out Joint with your Buddies and Colleagues

Today, we are honored to host Sam Kingi @samwandoh a Journalist by training, Community Development Practitioner, Born Again Soldier, Pianist, and an awesome blogger ( He shares His experience at Jumuia Coffee House. Read and Enjoy…

Jumuia Coffee House is a lovely place where you can hang out with your buddies or your colleagues after long hours of work and review the day’s events as you grab a cup of coffee, or a piece of cake or even a plate of lip-smacking french fries. The sitting space is incredibly huge, you can chose to either unwind on the comfy couches or on the dining chairs. You can also chose to stay inside the restaurant or sit at the balcony overlooking the busy traffic on Kenyatta Avenue. My colleagues and I love chilling out at Jumuia Coffee House especially on Fridays.


By the way If you are looking for a perfect coffee spot for your date, JCH is the place for you. The features I have mentioned above coupled with the serene holy environment might have you get a YES from her even before you pop the hackneyed question, ‘will you…? Yes I mean it. Ooh plus you don’t have to worry about where to park whether you have a BMW, a Mercedes, a Range Sport, a vitz or even a probox the space is adequate for that.

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Top Photographer at Jumuia Coffee

Renowned and celebrated wedding and events photographer Ben Kiruthi was at Jumuia Coffee. This is what He had to had to say

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A cut above the rest


Everyone who loves Coffee knows what good coffee is made of; its taste, its smell, and of course where it is readily available – coffee house.

Every coffee enthusiast looks for something a little bit more in a coffee house. Indeed, a great coffee house is defined not just by the drinks it serves but by it’s cut above the rest!

A random ‘taste-to-sample’ round town will lead you to truly wonderful drinks but the same trip won’t leave you without a woeful experience. Your choice is key. Choices have consequences!

Right from on set, it is vital to say it is hard to pinpoint one thing that will make you walk to a coffee house then go back again and again. Rather, various factors play different roles to achieve that ‘all-round’ satisfied customer experience.
Looking for an ultimate coffee house experience. Here are tried-tested-true pointers:-

A great Selection of Coffee
I know, I have already said that it isn’t all about coffee, but truth be told, coffee is the reason why we are here. A great selection of coffee will make a coffee house stand out. No experience can match walking into a coffee house,  and be welcomed by a veritable cornucopia of coffee smells – from across the globe!

Jumuia Coffee is the home of café mocha, cappuccino, late, espresso, name it….

Friendly Staff
Key to any service sector business entity; friendly staff, is a make it or break it factor. However, when it comes to coffee house, expectations go a notch higher. You want to go in there and stay warm and comfortable, not just from drinks served but also service offered.

Jumuia Coffee assures you of excellent service delivered with passion.

Comfortable Seating
Home comfort is determined by the comfort of  seats.Ideally, coffee house ought be home away from home.

Jumuia coffee gives you a variety of spacious seating furniture and arrangement. Inside the restaurant you will get warm cosy leather sofas comfortable for relaxing moments. Near the counters, there are comfortable sturdy and upright seat, ideal for close range discussions. At the balcony, we have ‘lay back’ round table seats under shades.

All seats are ergonomically sensitive and hence good for your health.

The Best Coffee Makers
The saying goes ‘bad workman blames his tools’. You want great coffee, look for high quality coffee equipment.

Jumuai Coffee has confidently invested in Coffee solutions machines, known for their slogan ‘simply, great coffee’ and one trusted manufacturer of first class equipment, over years.

Great Décor
To say superb, is understatement, in describing Jumuia Coffee House Décor. The Décor is carefully weaved bring out the theme of post modern coffee house look and feel. The wall texture inside run an effect of a trafo tina decoration. The windows are colorfully done while the ceilings look great with broad large holdings and amazing light effects.

So, are you searching for exceptional coffee house experience?

Jumuia Coffee is the place of your choice.

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