Ideal Coffee Date Venue

26 Jun


Apart from its outstanding Gothic architectural design, All Saints Cathedral bore fruit to other beautiful buildings within and around its compound.

Like the one we are about to explore.

Here is the Jumuia coffee house.

Right next to the All Saints Cathedral main sanctuary is the trinity center which is a multipurpose center which caters for the different needs that church has to offer to its growing community.

One which picked our eye is the elegant Jumuia Coffee House which was formed under the umbrella of NCCK.

The space posses a post-modern look and feel right from the word go, above the ground floor is where the two meet, on one side it plays an artic, the other side plays just a regular room with no loads of stained glass windows which are not far off from 18th century design that we saw in the main sanctuary.

The wall texture inside the Jumuia runs a parallel effect of a trafo tina decorative paint, the ceiling next to it has been broaden by large holdings and light effects.

Right down stairs is the back loaf effect on the main restaurant area, the rest is a carefully weaved deco and furniture that plays both the contemporal and the classic.

So, when looking for ideal coffee date venue, then Jumuia Coffee, located inside All Saints Cathedral along Kenyatta Avenue, should definitely be your first choice.






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